Sunday, July 26, 2009

Featured Vendor: The Swinery

The Swinery offers traditionally-made Old World style meats. The Swinery butcher shop is opening in West Seattle in late summer. Check them out:

The Street Food Market Menu:

Swinery Porchetta: Classic Umbrian with a twist: a whole pig, boned, stuffed, rolled and tied, slow smoked over apple wood for 16 hours, then sliced. Served on rosemary rolls with a parsley aioli and tomato confit. $6

Swinery BLT: The Bacon that started it all… crispy, yummy… heirloom tomatoes, aioli, arugula, coarse country bread. What BLTs are supposed to be. $5

Albondigas: Beef/Pork meatballs, scented with cinnamon and served bathed in an almond saffron sauce. $3

Fried Corn: Sweet corn, deep fried--in LARD--then drenched in lime chili butter. $3

Ancho Watermelon Agua Fresca- Watermelon water, lime, ancho. $2.50

About The Swinery:

The Swinery was started in 2008 out of a passion to bring authentic charcuterie to the Northwest and a desire to use the amazing pigs coming out of this area. Chef Gabriel Claycamp works with small local farmers to raise the perfect pig, one with enough fat to stay moist and wonderful through a long curing process. The Swinery makes everything from bacon and pancetta to prosciutto, sausages, salamis, coppa, and more… as well as amazing meats from other animals.

Featured Vendor: Chop Chop

Chop Chop Seattle will be offering traditional Taiwanese street food, with a few twists reflective of its founders' colorful backgrounds. Look them up on and follow them on Twitter at Chop chop!

The Street Food Market Menu:

Pork Bao: Twice-cooked pork belly, pickled carrot & jicama, pickled green mustard, fresh cucumber, and sweetened crushed peanuts on a steamed bun. $4

Shitake Bao: Twice-cooked shitake mushrooms with pickled carrot & jicama, fresh cucumber, and sweetened crushed peanuts on a steamed bun. $4.50

Porkitake Bao: Why choose between pork belly and shitake mushroom? Get the best of both worlds. $5

Lime Cream Fizz: Freshly squeezed lime cream soda. $2.50

Banana Wraps: Fresh bananas wrapped and deep fried until caramelized & crispy. 2 for $3

About the Chop Chop Team:

Chop Chop Seattle was started by Wendy & Paolo Malabuyo. After living in the Seattle area for over 10 years, they found the right opportunity to share their love of food by joining the very first Seattle Street Food Fair! They'll be offering Southeast Asian cuisine with their own unique twist, so come check out Chop Chop Seattle for something different!

Wendy & Paolo come from families whose food histories include Chinese, Filipino, French-Vietnamese, and Taiwanese cuisines, with successful restaurants in Vietnam, Taiwan, California, and Texas over a period of 40 years. Wendy was practically raised in restaurants but has never before followed in the family business until now, and Paolo is a closet foodie whose tastes were spoiled by an adventurous family who loves to eat and cook.

Featured Vendor: 2 Chefs

2 Chefs currently offer their Middle Eastern cuisine at the Fremont Sunday Market and in selected stores. This husband-and-wife chef duo is extremely excited to be pioneers in Seattle's first street food venue.

More info about 2 Chefs is available at Here's their Seattle Street Food Market menu:

Falafel $6
Arab Chicken Skewers, Hummus, Pita, Arab Salad, Lemon wedge $7
Lamb Kebobs, Hummus, Pita, Arab Salad, Lemon wedge $8
BabaGhanuj $5
Hummus $5
Olives and feta $4
Greek Fusion salad $5
Watermelon & Feta $4

About the 2 Chefs team:

My wife & I were both raised in the heart of the Middle East.
The so familiar flavors we were brought on, the culture of hospitality and the passion for food and life in general, has made us who we are today.

Shimi: My Father was a great cook. He passed away when I was only 5 1/2. When my Mom would give me food I didn't like she would say "If you don't like it you can cook for yourself!" so naturally I began cooking at the age of 7. I started off with basic sauces and moved to more complex dishes as I gained experience. I could always rely on my older sisters whom I'd often call and ask for new recipes and ideas.

My friends have always supported this passion of mine, so at the age of 21 I got my first cooking job. At the beginning of 2009 my wife and I decided to take this passion to the next level and created 2 Chefs. We offer fresh authentic Middle Eastern food including Falafel, Hummus, BabaGhanuj & more.

Alina: My true passion in life is music. I have been singing for years now. Food is another passion. I really enjoy making good food and I find it very satisfying feeding people. I grew up in a house where the only spices were salt and pepper and in the best case paprika. When my husband and I started dating we would dine in excellent restaurants all the time. I was exposed to many great cuisines and that's when food became a passion. There's nothing like creating great dishes that people enjoy expressed by the silence of eating.

We are firm believers of you get what you give, and that's why we make everything with love and have made it a guideline to always have fun doing it. :)

Featured Vendor: Tater Tart

Jessica Porter's Tater Tart booth will be featuring a delicious twist on the "tater tot." More info is available at Here's Jessica's menu:

Tater Tarts: light and crispy pockets filled with herbaceous mashed potatoes and served with a variety of delicious sauces. These ain't your momma's mashers! 3 for 3 bucks.

Summer Squash Slaw: a mix of green and yellow zucchini tossed with a tangy summer dressing and fresh herbs. 1 buck.
Raspberry Rosemary-Mint Soda: sweet fizzy magic in a cup. 2 bucks.

About Jessica:

Jessica Porter M.A. (facilitatertartist extraordinaire)

A self-identified food enthusiast, which is fancy speak for "I like to eat...A LOT," Jessica started Tater Tart as a way to combine her passion for food, art, women's rights, street life and social change.

Originally from Willapa Bay in Southwestern WA, Jessica is a mixed heritage member of the Chinook Indian Nation. She derives much of her culinary inspiration from her mixed experience with local native plants and foods from her family's garden growing up.

When Jessica's not slinging street food, you can find her facilitating grad classes and organizational development workshops. That's why her friends started calling her a facilitatertartist, and it stuck.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

working on permitting etc...

however we do have a location in SLU on pontius...

and we are thinking friday afternoons till evening, saturday, sundays..

we are going to focus on artisan style food...and a level of skill will need to be demonstrated.

we are shooting for aug/sept this year....and if you are interested in being a part of this..

shoot a note to

more later