Sunday, July 26, 2009

Featured Vendor: Chop Chop

Chop Chop Seattle will be offering traditional Taiwanese street food, with a few twists reflective of its founders' colorful backgrounds. Look them up on and follow them on Twitter at Chop chop!

The Street Food Market Menu:

Pork Bao: Twice-cooked pork belly, pickled carrot & jicama, pickled green mustard, fresh cucumber, and sweetened crushed peanuts on a steamed bun. $4

Shitake Bao: Twice-cooked shitake mushrooms with pickled carrot & jicama, fresh cucumber, and sweetened crushed peanuts on a steamed bun. $4.50

Porkitake Bao: Why choose between pork belly and shitake mushroom? Get the best of both worlds. $5

Lime Cream Fizz: Freshly squeezed lime cream soda. $2.50

Banana Wraps: Fresh bananas wrapped and deep fried until caramelized & crispy. 2 for $3

About the Chop Chop Team:

Chop Chop Seattle was started by Wendy & Paolo Malabuyo. After living in the Seattle area for over 10 years, they found the right opportunity to share their love of food by joining the very first Seattle Street Food Fair! They'll be offering Southeast Asian cuisine with their own unique twist, so come check out Chop Chop Seattle for something different!

Wendy & Paolo come from families whose food histories include Chinese, Filipino, French-Vietnamese, and Taiwanese cuisines, with successful restaurants in Vietnam, Taiwan, California, and Texas over a period of 40 years. Wendy was practically raised in restaurants but has never before followed in the family business until now, and Paolo is a closet foodie whose tastes were spoiled by an adventurous family who loves to eat and cook.

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