Sunday, July 26, 2009

Featured Vendor: The Swinery

The Swinery offers traditionally-made Old World style meats. The Swinery butcher shop is opening in West Seattle in late summer. Check them out:

The Street Food Market Menu:

Swinery Porchetta: Classic Umbrian with a twist: a whole pig, boned, stuffed, rolled and tied, slow smoked over apple wood for 16 hours, then sliced. Served on rosemary rolls with a parsley aioli and tomato confit. $6

Swinery BLT: The Bacon that started it all… crispy, yummy… heirloom tomatoes, aioli, arugula, coarse country bread. What BLTs are supposed to be. $5

Albondigas: Beef/Pork meatballs, scented with cinnamon and served bathed in an almond saffron sauce. $3

Fried Corn: Sweet corn, deep fried--in LARD--then drenched in lime chili butter. $3

Ancho Watermelon Agua Fresca- Watermelon water, lime, ancho. $2.50

About The Swinery:

The Swinery was started in 2008 out of a passion to bring authentic charcuterie to the Northwest and a desire to use the amazing pigs coming out of this area. Chef Gabriel Claycamp works with small local farmers to raise the perfect pig, one with enough fat to stay moist and wonderful through a long curing process. The Swinery makes everything from bacon and pancetta to prosciutto, sausages, salamis, coppa, and more… as well as amazing meats from other animals.


  1. Hi there.. Is there a place that these vendors are actually selling food? I love to eat at any of the places you've posted, but don't understand where to find them. Is there a set festival/market, or are these potential menus for future offerings?

  2. The Swinery is opening up a store in West Seattle on California Ave.

  3. Where have you disappeared to???

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